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Using vision and creativity applied to the world around us, Sitarian looks to create, as well as help others to create, new ideas and to innovate products and services. Sitarian's emphasis and focus on creating world class research, and launching trade shows and conferences allows all facets of vision and creativity to be exercised. Research and events represent a great opportunity to create a nucleus of subject expertise, vendors, attendees, buyers and sellers and associations gathered in one place to delve into important topics and business issues. Driven by research, Each event is essentially a business or business unit that gets positioned, branded, marketed and sold allowing all key business and creative components to be orchestrated in order to achieve success. Each component can be applied to essentially any business - this is what drives the passion to create and launch! This is what drives Sitarian!

Incubating, Creating & Bringing New Ideas, Research and Events to Life!                                  

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Sitarian's Latest Creation...


The Electric Vehicle + Energy Infrastructure Innovation & Sustainability Exchange™


The EV Exchange’s (EVX) Strategic Mission + Vision: To provide a strategic, business-to-business program and platform allowing three key stakeholder communities of 1. EV manufacturers and its ecosystem; 2. Energy and utility infrastructure organizations and their suppliers; and 3. Federal, State & Local Energy & Utility Agencies, Regulators & Policymakers to work in partnership to plan, execute and achieve EV deployment and meet sustainability & climate change goals.